Web Applications for Business

We are passionate about technology, ready to deliver the perfect IT solution, we develop web and mobile applications for business.

Our services

Discover our services and gain a competitive advantage! We are experts in custom software development and our speciality is web applications based on the powerful PHP programming language. Our company mainly develops in three key areas that redefine industry standards:

Web and Mobile Application

We turn your dreams of the perfect web or mobile application into reality! Our passion is delivering solutions that perfectly cater to your business needs. Allow us to create an application that not only meets your expectations but also addresses your biggest business challenges.

Technical debt reduction

Transform the past into the future! If your old application is causing more problems than solutions, we are here to help. Our team of specialists will develop a revitalization plan for you, making your application easy to maintain. Let us reshape your app experience and turn it into a source of success for your business.

Software audits

Don’t take risks, gain certainty of success! Our knowledge and experience will allow you to assess the quality of your current solution or potential investment. We will analyze the code and pay close attention to any potential risks. With us, you will avoid unexpected complications and be able to confidently stride towards success!

Experienced team

Our team of software development experts is ready to meet your challenges. Our portfolio is filled with impressive projects from various fields, including e-commerce, complex marketing strategies, and ERP systems. Explore our achievements and see that we are prepared to turn your dreams into reality!

Sharing the knowledge

We are your source of knowledge and inspiration in the programming world. Our blog is a treasure trove of articles on software development, and our paid online courses are the key to discovering new technologies. Our mission is to support the Polish programming community in creating high-quality software. Together, we are building a better future for IT!

What does it look like to work with us?

Collaborating with us guarantees complete transparency and exceptional communication. There are no secrets for us. We schedule regular meetings to keep you informed about the progress of our work. We are here to explain even the most complex issues in an understandable way. Together, we create a clear path to achieve your goals.

Software development is a demanding process that comes with inevitable challenges. In our approach to work, we don’t shy away from mistakes – on the contrary, we use them as sources of valuable lessons. Every error becomes a catalyst for deeper analysis, exploring what could have been done better. It is through considering each stage of our work, implementing new procedures, and taking measures that we strive to deliver the highest quality software to you.


We determine what we have to do for you


We will quote for the cost of the project


We create the solution with your cooperation


We focus on continuous program development.

Welcome to Feel IT

We prioritize close relationships and effective collaboration! We invite you to a unique, free meeting where we will carefully analyze your challenges. Together with us, you will discover the perfect solution for your problem and also have the opportunity to get to know us better. We create the future of business together!