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A mobile application for corporate employees, helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As part of the project, we were responsible for comprehensive support, including the creation of the backend using the Symfony framework, as well as the development and implementation of the mobile application using React Native. Additionally, we handled the graphic design of the application.

Symfony React Native


An application supporting sellers on the Amazon platform in analyzing their products. We were responsible for integrating with the Amazon service through the API and creating advanced charts based on provided data. We processed substantial amounts of data, even at the level of several terabytes per day, while ensuring the performance and efficiency of the solution.

Symfony Postgres AWS 


A website serving as a blog for travel enthusiasts with a feature for marking attractive locations on the map.

In our portfolio, we take pride in providing comprehensive support for this project – from graphic design to implementation using the Yii2 framework, all the way to successful deployment and maintenance in production environments.

Yii2 MySQL Javacript

VOD Player

We worked on creating an advertising service for the largest VOD service provider in Poland. Using JavaScript scripts, we ensured the display of attractive ads while users were watching videos. The key goal was to achieve high performance of the application and ensure full compatibility with various types of devices.

PHP Javascipt Symfony


Introducing our innovative application, transforming domain hosting and SSL certificate management. At Feel IT, we prioritize seamless online experiences and robust security for your business. With our user-friendly platform, effortlessly manage domain hosting and SSL certificates, ensuring secure and reliable websites for your customers. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency and peace of mind. Trust Feel IT to elevate your online presence.

Symfony React Behat

Temporary employment agency application

We were involved in the development and optimization of a SaaS application for a temporary staffing agency in the UK, actively reducing technical debt. Our priority was to safely and effectively carry out the version upgrade process from PHP 5 to 8, while maintaining continuous operation and uninterrupted application development. We implemented a series of improvements that significantly increased the efficiency of the application, contributing to time and resource savings.

Zend Laravel Vue


Cataloco of interesting places in the world.

WordPress PHP Mysql

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